Monday, July 27, 2015

I'm going back to school!!!

   I am SO excited! After four long years of being out of school I am finally able to go back!! My intentions were never to quit school but life took me in different directions and I had to take a pause from school for awhile. I finished two years at the community college I attended in Kentucky before I decided to do the Disney College Program. After spending five months in Orlando, working at Disney, I just knew I couldn't go back to living in such a small town as where I grew up. I had changed and my mind set had changed with it. Instead of going back home to Kentucky I moved in with my Grandmother in Kingsport, Tennessee. The place I live in Tennessee is still not a big city like Orlando but it is bigger than Paintsville, KY.
   After moving to Tennessee I tried to get financial aid so I could go back to school. I wasn't able to get it because even though I was living away from my parents I was still considered dependent on them. I tried again the next year and still the same thing.. No aid, dependent on Parents. So, FINALLY after turning 24 in March I got to apply and got some financial aid! It took me months to get everything sorted out and ready but school is finally a reality! I have my class schedule, supplies, and am ready to start back on August 24th!! I will be attending Northeast State Community College and going for Dental Assisting. My long term goal is to eventually get my degree in Dental Hygiene.
   I can't lie and say I'm not scared because I am.. I haven't been in school for so long I don't know how going back is going to settle in with my new life. I live on my own with my boyfriend now, I have a job working 37-39 hours a week, and I have bills to pay. It's going to be a lot more stressful then my first two years of going to college because then I lived with my parents and didn't work so much. I'm going to try my hardest though because I want a good paying job that will allow me to live a life without so much financial stress. I hope for success.