Tuesday, April 23, 2013


I'm tired of always feeling uninspired, lazy and unmotivated. It's time I start doing things to better myself and become the person that I want to be! These are the things that I want to accomplish:

  • Get a gym membership and lose this extra weight I've gained since moving to Tennessee. I want to be a healthy weight and look good.
  • Go back to college and get a degree. No more being lazy and putting it off. I WILL go back to school next semester! I completed two years back when I lived in KY and I need to finish.
  • Have fun, and stop worrying so much! I'm always stressed about money, and that needs to stop. I'd rather have fun and be broke than have money and be stuck in the house bored all the time.
  • Take more pride in my physical appearance. When I lived in FL I woke up 2 hours before work everyday to shower, blow dry, and straighten my hair and get ready. Now, I wake up 30 minutes before I have to leave for work and throw my hair up in a pony tail and throw on the first thing I find in my closet. I've become so lazy about this!
  • Be more independent. I need to stop relying on my boyfriend to make me happy and start relying on myself! I don't need to see him 24/7 to be happy!
  • Find a church and try to reestablish and grow my relationship with God!!!
  • Meet new people and make friends. I've literally made hardly any friends since I've lived here in TN. The only people I know are my boyfriends friends and the people I've met through work.
Those are all the things that I want to work on.

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