Saturday, March 2, 2013

My day. 03/02/2013

Today started off rough. I woke up at 10:45am and felt like I had been in a car wreck (although, I've never been in a car wreck but I imagine what I felt like this morning would be similar). I'm not going to get into the gory details of it all BUT it's that time of the month if you get my drift. My whole body was sore, and I was in a very bad mood.

I got ready for work, ate, and headed to work for my 12:30pm-9:00pm shift. I listened to Rihanna's station on Pandora and somehow it increased my mood DRAMATICALLY. Singing along to some songs I liked I started to think about how I'm going to Myrtle Beach the first week of June and how much fun it's going to be driving 8 hours listening to music with my little cousins, and my boyfriend in the car with me. Not to mention how much fun it's going to be when we are actually there! No work, just fun, sun, my family and my boyfriend. Sounds like a pretty good week to me!

I got to work and my manager told me I'd be in the frame shop for the day. SCORE! My favorite place to work! The work day went by fast, and I got a lot done. I'm guessing I'll be back in the frame shop tomorrow as well since I usually am on Sundays.

After work I went to Books-A-Million and purchased Kiss of Life, and Passing Strange by Daniel Waters! I only have about 50 pages to go in Generation Dead and I will easily get it finished tonight and start on the next one. I was qualified to pick three magazines for 2 month free subscriptions! I picked Time, Cosmopolitan, and People Magazine. Pretty neat. It reminded me that I need to put in some coke rewards so I can get some more free subscriptions. Haha.

Well, I guess that's all I have for tonight. I'm going to finish my book and try to relax some.


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