Saturday, March 23, 2013

Kentucky, and other random things.

I've been working 35-38 hours per week at work and have been quiet busy. I can't really complain much because the money is good. So many things have happened since I last posted. Brad and I took my three little cousins to Bays Mountain park with the free pass my friend gave me. It got us into the park for free, a free barge ride on the lake, and we got to view the planetarium show for free as well. Pretty sweet. We had fun. The best part was when one of the Rangers got the wolves to howl. It was one of the most beautiful things I've ever heard.

Peyton, Kayleigh, and Lexie on the Barge ride.

Brad and I on the Barge ride.
The wolves.

Brad and I went to Kentucky on Thursday night after I got off work and we just returned home today. It was fun. I got to see a lot of my friends and it made me realize that I don't really have any friends here in Tennessee.. I like all the people that I work with at Ben Franklin but I never hang out with any of them outside of work except for the two or three times in the year and two months that I've worked there. The only people I ever do anything with is my boyfriend and my family members. I've never been good at making friends. I think it's because I'm not very outgoing, and I'm almost kind of socially awkward when I first meet someone. Oh, well. I'm thankful for the people I do have relationships with.

While we were in Kentucky Brad and I went to see a play at the Mountain Art Center called Pilgrim. It's a religious play about a young boy named Christian who is given a bible and starts his pilgrimage to the Cross. It's a great play, and the first time I watched it almost two years ago it really inspired me. I related to the main character Christian on many levels. After watching the play I started attending church every Wednesday night and Sunday morning, I read in my bible, got saved and baptized shortly after. I thought my life was changed forever, and maybe it still is but I went through a really depressing time in my life a few months after devoting my life to Christ and I drifted off my path. I made so much progress and just let it all go. I gained so much self control and had this incredible peace of mind. Its something I think about often and I'd really like to try and live that kind of life again. I say that but at the same time I must not want that 100% or I wouldn't be holding myself back like I do.

Anyway, I've had a nice couple weeks. I've read four books this month which is AWESOME! I've been wanting to get back into reading regularly and it seems like I finally have. I read the three books in the Generation Dead series and then read The Last Song by Nicholas Sparks! All very good books.

Might go to Dollywood on Wednesday. I purchased season passes for me and my boyfriend.

I guess that's really all I have for now.


Monday, March 11, 2013

Things I want to do this Summer!

I'm making a list of things I want to do/plan on doing this summer.

1.) Go camping.
2.) Go to the park.
3.) Go to Dollywood. (I have a season pass!)
4.) Go to Splash Country. (Also, have a season pass!)
5.) Go to the beach. (Already scheduled for the first week of June.)
6.) Go to Disney World. (Already scheduled for first week of September.)
7.) Get a tan.
8.) Lose weight by being active!
9.) Use my library card to the max!
10.) Kiss my boyfriend in the Ocean.
11.) Take a long romantic walk on the Beach at night.
12.) Watch Fireworks.
13.) Have a picnic.
14.) Go to Bays Mountain. (I have two free passes.)
15.) Go Bowling.
16.) Go to the Zoo.
17.) Visit my parents in KY.
18.) Get my 2nd hole in my ears re-pierced or do it myself.
19.) Finish a Scrapbook.

I'll probably add more to my list through out the summer. :)

Thursday, March 7, 2013

Blogger's Goal.

I've always been interested in blogging. I remember back in fifth or sixth grade before I even knew what a "blog" was or that sites for such even existed I would open up Note Pad on my computer and just type to my hearts content. I'd mostly just write about what I did that day, who my crush was, how angry I was at my parents because they wouldn't let me do this or that, my interests at the time, etc. My mom ended up finding it and asking me about it. After that I was embarrassed and I quit writing until middle school when I discovered Xanga.

All my friends had an account and I thought it was the neatest site. I'd sometimes write two or three posts per day. I used Xanga on and off all throughout middle school and high school using several different accounts. Mainly because I'd always forget the passwords to my accounts.

Now here I am using blogger. None of my friends have an account, and so far I haven't found any blog friends. No comments on any of my posts and I got to thinking why? I think I know why.

I was looking at several random blogs today, and I realized that maybe the reason I'm not getting any hits on my blog is because... I really don't have anything to say. Yeah, I can write about my day, or how much I love my boyfriend but who would really want to read that other than me? I need to find some topics that I'm interested in and I need to be more opinionated. That's my goal. I want to be one of those people who write not only for themselves but for the benefit of others. I want people to read my blog and think that it's interesting, and insightful. I want people to WANT to read my blog.

I'm going to accomplish this goal.


Wednesday, March 6, 2013


Just dropped Dexter off at the Vet where he will be getting fixed, 2 shots, and his front paws declawed. My poor baby! I'm going to miss him the next two days while he's away.

Monday, March 4, 2013

My Birthday

Today is my twenty second birthday.

I woke up next to the love of my life, got a nice little stash of money, ate good food, paid off some of my Disney vacation bill, and get to fall asleep next to the love of my life tonight. Pretty swell birthday if you ask me. Although, I did have to work a 3:30pm-9:00pm shift and because of that we aren't actually celebrating till my off day on Thursday. Dinner at a nice restaurant, and cake on Thursday with my family and boyfriend!

Being 22 is sort of bitter sweet. A part of me is sad because I feel as though I'm getting older than I'd like to be, and the other part of me is very happy to have seen so many years and glad that I, HOPEFULLY, have many more years ahead of me.

Only an hour and a half of my birthday remains. I'm going to spend it cuddled next to Brad and maybe watch a movie (Tangled if I can talk Brad into watching it). Hope everyone else had as good of a day as I did.


Saturday, March 2, 2013

My day. 03/02/2013

Today started off rough. I woke up at 10:45am and felt like I had been in a car wreck (although, I've never been in a car wreck but I imagine what I felt like this morning would be similar). I'm not going to get into the gory details of it all BUT it's that time of the month if you get my drift. My whole body was sore, and I was in a very bad mood.

I got ready for work, ate, and headed to work for my 12:30pm-9:00pm shift. I listened to Rihanna's station on Pandora and somehow it increased my mood DRAMATICALLY. Singing along to some songs I liked I started to think about how I'm going to Myrtle Beach the first week of June and how much fun it's going to be driving 8 hours listening to music with my little cousins, and my boyfriend in the car with me. Not to mention how much fun it's going to be when we are actually there! No work, just fun, sun, my family and my boyfriend. Sounds like a pretty good week to me!

I got to work and my manager told me I'd be in the frame shop for the day. SCORE! My favorite place to work! The work day went by fast, and I got a lot done. I'm guessing I'll be back in the frame shop tomorrow as well since I usually am on Sundays.

After work I went to Books-A-Million and purchased Kiss of Life, and Passing Strange by Daniel Waters! I only have about 50 pages to go in Generation Dead and I will easily get it finished tonight and start on the next one. I was qualified to pick three magazines for 2 month free subscriptions! I picked Time, Cosmopolitan, and People Magazine. Pretty neat. It reminded me that I need to put in some coke rewards so I can get some more free subscriptions. Haha.

Well, I guess that's all I have for tonight. I'm going to finish my book and try to relax some.


Friday, March 1, 2013

Generation Dead

I was sitting on my couch reading Generation Death by Daniel Waters and decided I would type Tommy's website into the search engine on my computer to see what would happen. SUPRISE! It's a real site. Blogger you can thank the creator of that splendid book because now you have one more user. I just finished chapter 23, and I can honestly say that I'm addicted. I would recommend this book for teenagers and young adults. It's a great, easy read and has a very good story line. Can't wait to finish it and run to Books-A-Million for the other books in the set. <3

Funny enough I was just thinking about how I need some sort of creative outlet, and now I have one. More posts to come soon, but for now it's back to reading. :)